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State of Wisconsin

State legislature passes bill ensuring top 5% of high schoolers admitted to UW-Madison

Other UW campuses required to admit top 10%

State of Wisconsin

Universities of Wisconsin schools announce launch of direct admissions program

UW-Green Bay representative highlights success of direct admissions


After firing of Madison West security guard, youth activism takes the lead

Recent success of political movements shows efficacy of youth activism, bodes well for future

Meaningful Monday

Meaningful Monday: Uncertainty doesn’t end in high school

Self-doubt can be all-consuming, but finding self-certainty again can be as easy as closing your eyes

City of Madison

‘March for Our Lives’ founders join Wisconsin student activists as part of nationwide ‘Road to Change’ tour

The town hall and voting registration party was the tour's second stop in Wisconsin, they also visited Paul Ryan's Janesville office

State of Wisconsin

‘March for Our Lives’: Madison community rallies behind high school students advocating for gun reform

Thousands gathered at Capitol Saturday morning

City of Madison

‘I should feel safe’: Madison high school students speak up, call for gun safety

Recent Florida events bring gun control measures to Wisconsin

Big Bads

Big Bads: ‘Bratz’ movie is hilariously awful mess

Never again, please


Being ‘undecided’ is not a bad thing

Allowing students time to pick own paths in life is essential


Basic communication skills lacking in high school education

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