Point Counterpoint: Current Republican immigration policy is inhumane

A vote for Democratic candidates is a vote for common sense immigration policy


Point Counterpoint: A year in review for the College Republicans of UW-Madison

2018 brought a slew of success that will carry into the next year


An appeal to Walker: Set a positive precedent to protect Wisconsin’s democracy

Walker's actions have the opportunity to re-characterize democracy


Wisconsin workers have been ‘Foxconned’ out of promised jobs

Though deal proposed a slew of factory jobs, most of them will actually be filled by internally-hired engineers


UPDATE: Walker’s loss, his destructive education policies will linger for years

Though Tony Evers will take assume governorship next year, effects of Walker's tenure are long-lasting and severe


Walker, Trump out of touch with Wisconsin voters, disillusioned about dairy industry

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UW-Madison Campus

Trailing in polls, Walker urges College Republicans to spread message on campus

Walker accepted accuracy of recent polls, but recalled Republican Sen. Ron Johnson's 2016 reelection victory


Twitter wars between Wisconsin candidates shows popular news consumption methods need to change

Turning to Twitter for news deprives people of comprehensive news coverage, relavent information

City of Madison

Independent voters could prove vital in upcoming election, Republican party fears

With many voters classifying as independents, election results could be toss-up


Walker unveils more details for student debt relief proposal

New Graduate Tax Credit would provide up to $5,000 in tax credits over five years to Wisconsin graduates who stay, work in state