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‘In your hands:’ UW pushes forward through uncertain financial future amid frozen tuition, declining state investment

As Blank leaves behind a decade-worth of attempts to shift UW’s financial model, it is up to new leadership to piece together university’s budget

State of Wisconsin

Local Wisconsin newspapers may face hostile takeover

'If [the state journal] is going to be eaten up by vulture capitalists and spit out, then we have to look at alternatives within communities,' UW Chair in Journalism Ethics says

Science News

Pet Finance: Putting a price tag on a dog’s life through economic modeling

Typical dog owner values their dog's life at $10,000 according to first of its kind economic analysis by UW professor

UW-Madison Campus

Business school partnership with non-profit assists underrepresented students in finance world

'I think we all would speak very highly of this program, it is something Wisconsin needs to continue,' participant says


Silent Crisis: How small business foreclosures spell disaster for the US

With over 100,000 business closing as result of COVID, small businesses themselves require federal, local advocacy to survive


Badger$ense: COVID-19’s impact on the stock market — understanding what it means

Breaking down current situation, why college students should care

Letter to the Editor

Badger$ense — the best way to read a job offer

Badgers are in high demand by employers, but they should look at more than salary when comparing offers


Municipal services deserve to thrive, but they can’t without proper funding

Gov. Evers' recent budget proposal addresses municipal finance issues, but not comprehensively enough

UW-Madison Campus

Experts weigh in on UW System’s financial struggles

Despite UW-Madison's success, other UW System schools challenges with retention rates, lack of funds persist


New eText program lightens students’ load, fattens wallet

Online textbooks are more beneficial to students in terms of cost, safety, accessibility

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