City of Madison

Common Council attempts to reduce single-use plastic waste, passes plastic straw ordinance

Restaurants to receive citations upon plastic straw infractions after educational grace period

City of Madison

UW, Madison Water Utility work to address tensions from PFAS

Thousands of PFAS still in use in environment, Madison Water Utility information officer says


It’s true — science is not a liberal conspiracy

Partisan divide in public trust of scientists reveals Republican scientific policy counteracts research, progress

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin DNR says EPA’s lead, copper proposed revisions are not enough

"[The] critical issue of full lead service line replacement must be addressed immediately, not decades from now," Gov. Tony Evers says


EPA regulations overreach of executive powers, create harmful confusion

Clean Water Act helped save our waters, but failed to clearly define scope of its jurisdiction


Foxconn’s free pass on air pollution costs Wisconsinites their health

Limiting environmental restrictions to certain regions may give business an edge, but unjust to public


A combined academic effort must be made to combat limited climate change policy

Climate change, like many issues, is not black and white


Trump’s lies on energy will catch up with him

With increases in natural gas consumption and an inevitable impact from climate change, the president's energy plans are foolish


Point Counterpoint: Free market is best way to fight climate change

Government solutions offered have proved costly to Americans, environment

State of Wisconsin

Agriculture group fights EPA on losing access to controversial herbicide

Government agency contends herbicide ingredient poses is risk to wildlife, people even at low concentrations

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