UW-Madison Campus

UW student voting up seven percent from 2016 in last November’s election

Trump’s presidency increased student voter turnout, political science professor says

State of Wisconsin

UW professors discuss the role of critical race theory in classes, the political arena

The specific meaning of critical race theory is perhaps the element most up for debate, UW professor says


Trump’s action in Wisconsin reveal his true intentions

Trump challenges democratic institutions, allowing state legislators to cast votes instead of voters

City of Madison

Juliana Bennett, Jill Underly win races in spring election

'I’m ready to get to work and build a stronger, more equitable public education system that provides every child, every day with the world-class public education system they deserve,' tweets state superintendent-elect


Continuing trend of elderly politicians could be cause for concern

To change this, young voters need to participate and vote for younger candidates


Absentee ballot voting could increase participation and representation in our electoral system

Focusing on increasing absentee voting could lead to more focus on who is elected and how they represent citizens


GOP extends their attack on fair elections during a vulnerable time in our country

Recent legislation aimed at elections show signs of a desperate party afraid of losing fair fight


Current voting system exacerbates hyperpartisanship, ranked-choice voting offers solution

Ranked-voting system prevents winner-takes-all, allowing both major and third parties to gain seats


A Swing State: During COVID-19, UW student groups change tactics to get youth out to vote

Groups like Badgers for Biden, Young Progressives use new methods to encourage collegiate voting

City of Madison

College students step up to tackle shortage of poll workers in Madison

'I think [we] will benefit from this for years on,' Dane County clerk says about influx of younger poll workers

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