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Nasty women did not need your vote: How I live with a disability in Trump’s America

It might not be Trump's outward actions, but instead his rhetoric and vitriol that could wreak havoc on handicapped individuals


Liberals, if you’re waiting to see Trump fail, you’ll be waiting a while

President isn’t going to fail anytime soon, as he begins making strides to repeal ACA, expand economy, put America first


Point Counterpoint: Why you should join College Democrats

Now is the time for cynicism to become passionate activism, so join the Dems as we fight

State of Wisconsin

Recount confirms Trump as winner in Wisconsin

Margin over Clinton increased by 131


Ravings of a future stay-at-home dad: White Americans, you have no right to self-pity

Hopefully now that you've acknowledged your privilege, you'll use it in the right way


Despite FBI reinvestigation, rocky polls, Clinton closes in on win

Race continues to tighten, but for Trump, it's too little, too late


When election is said and done, America will need to face the polarization it has fostered

The election may be on the final lap, but the issues it’s unearthed prove we have miles to go


From the desk of the editor: Voting is a privilege not to be taken for granted

We as students cannot stay silent in this pivotal election


Walker’s support of Trump could cost him governorship in 2018

College-age, minority, female voters will not be quick to forgive the governor's missteps


Paul Ryan has proved himself incapable of true leadership

By prioritizing party unity over abolishment of bigotry for so many months, Ryan demonstrates cowardice

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