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UW-Madison Campus

Most police involvement at Badger games due to underage drinking

To reduce the number of arrests and citations at Camp Randall, social change must occur on campus, UWPD spokesperson says


Boos and booze: The costs of binge drinking

Drinking culture in Madison has vast negative impacts on entire community


Paying the price: How UW’s drinking culture impacts community as a whole

University officials, police work together in attempt to curb possible dangerous effects of excessive alcohol consumption


It’s time Wisconsin stopped effectively encouraging drunk driving

Pervasive drinking culture combined with leniency on DUIs creates severe public safety issue


Don’t ignore the data — a drinking age of 21 is better for society

As fun as a lower drinking age would be, its likely harmful effects cannot be ignored


Game day culture divides student body

Ticket prices, incessant drinking necessary to participate in game day rituals excludes certain students who are unwilling or unable to join in


At UW, turning down Solo cup might just leave you solo

There's nothing wrong with a school that parties, but at Madison, drinking culture has gone too far

UW-Madison Campus

ASM reviews adverse effects of UW drinking culture on students of color

Students of color say their overall campus experience is impacted by prominent drinking culture

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