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City of Madison

End Abuse Wisconsin report shows increase in domestic violence related homocides

Domestic violence related homocides increase 20% since 2021, constituting public health crisis, reports says

UW-Madison Campus

Reported rapes on UW campus increase, UWPD finds

Reports of fondling, statutory rape, stalking also increased from 2021 CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of rape, sexual assault and domestic violence. If you have been

City of Madison

Community outreach at forefront of Madison violence prevention

Outreach officers, public health work to address violence through community outreach, research efforts

City of Madison

Madison community raises awareness for survivors during Domestic Violence Awareness Month

'We know that it’s happening in our community, and we know that those rates are still high,' DAIS representative says

City of Madison

Madison’s only emergency domestic violence shelter handles pandemic-related surge in demand

MPD has seen a 14% increase in domestic violence related calls since March

UW-Madison Campus

Proposed Title IX changes could affect how colleges deal with dating violence

“Students will be able to pursue a Title IX suit in the event that a university fails to act appropriately,” DAIS executive director said


Republicans have no excuse to vote against the Violence Against Women Act

Wisconsin's Republican congressional delegation needs to prioritize safety over party platform


UW Law School’s new program exemplifies Wisconsin Idea, will help victims of domestic violence

Mutually beneficial programs show why university's role should not be limited to campus

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Domestic violence is an unnoticed epidemic

This Domestic Violence Awareness month, we need to educate ourselves, advocate for greater awareness

UW-Madison Campus

PAVE, DREAMers host discussion on domestic violence in undocumented community

Report found many court cases are dropped because of undocumented status

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