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State of Wisconsin

Democratic gubernatorial candidates discuss employment, healthcare, at forum

Candidates will face off in primary election Aug. 14

Letter to the Editor

Democratic Party may pull itself back up — with a few new rules

With the defeats of 2016 in the rearview mirror, setting new expectations for the party is essential for success


For political parties to prevent breakdown, they’ll need quality candidates

Milwaukee radio personality Charlie Sykes signals end to major political groups


Democrats keep same, old leadership with Pelosi

Someone from Rust Belt, like Tim Ryan, should have been considered for higher position

UW-Madison Campus

How social media made waves in the 2016 election

Politically-divided camps torn further apart online


When election is said and done, America will need to face the polarization it has fostered

The election may be on the final lap, but the issues it’s unearthed prove we have miles to go


Letter to the Editor: Let’s rally together to improve maternal, youths’ health

Republicans, Democrats alike support Reach Every Mother and Child Act

State of Wisconsin

Poll finds Clinton lead still narrow in Wisconsin

Almost fifth of voters said they expect more illegal votes cast than legal votes prevented


Letter to the Editor: Don’t be fooled, you still have a third choice this November

Supporting the Stein campaign is a crucial step towards a future of independent politics

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