City of Madison

New drug-testing requirement may be added to FoodShare program

Gov. Evers vetoed the reduction of funding for such policy

City of Madison

$80,000 added to Dane County’s 2020 budget for sex trafficking prevention efforts

Budget will be used to create new position to support survivors

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s high binge drinking rate results in higher social burden

Studies showed Dane County has highest binge drinking rates in the state

City of Madison

Dane County’s veteran’s housing project makes further progress after securing lease for site

As largest veterans housing project in country, building features 59 housing units

UW-Madison Campus

UPDATED: WPD loses power

911 calls routed to Dane County

UW-Madison Campus

Parisi announces Dane County budget increase to support mental health, addiction recovery

Dane County Executive announced $865,000 increase for mental health, addiction services


Redefining purpose, redirecting progress in the criminal justice system

As Dane County takes steps to reduce jail population, divert youth offenders, efforts to implement positive change are clear


Dane County Farmers’ Market, weekly taste of Madison you need to try

Chance to explore, eat, learn, have fun while supporting local agriculture

City of Madison

ICE answers Rep. Mark Pocan’s FOIA request after more than four months

Details regarding September ICE raid in Wisconsin uncovered, some information incomplete


Right of Way: Inaccessible public transportation limits employment, affordable housing options for Madison’s outskirts

Bus rapid transit looks to provide a solution to inequity and pollution but city officials are met with severe lack of public, government funding