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New Dane County Jail Consolidation Project does more harm than good

Dane County Sheriff proposes new jail building to solve prison overpopulation, but presents more issues for jail reform

City of Madison

Dane County Board rejects resolution for referendum for county jail project

"The jail is more than a perfunctory capital investment, it is an opportunity for community betterment," District 16 Supervisor Rick Rose said


An Endless Cycle: Inequities of Wisconsin prison system push advocates to fight for reform

Formerly incarcerated individuals, criminal justice experts propose changes to Wisconsin’s correctional system to reduce recidivism, reform carceral process

City of Madison

Family, community members demand justice for Quadren Wilson

State police shot Wilson in the back multiple times, arrested him while he was unarmed in Feb. of this year

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City of Madison

Budget resolution for Dane County Jail aims to address criminal justice reform goals

Steps toward better rehabilitation programs will help inmates, but UW's Social Justice Hub says Dane County criminal justice reform will require efforts in other areas

City of Madison

Dane County Sheriff, DA propose $24 million increase for jail renovation budget

'I believe that what’s difficult is that this project has been incrementally increasing since it’s original projection, which is causing a lot of problems for taxpayers and those within the jail,' Alderperson says

City of Madison

Dane County Board rejects cheaper version of jail renovation

'If we are going to be going through with looking at renovating the jail, we need to also be thinking forward about how incarceration should look,' Alderperson says

UW-Madison Campus

UWPD arrests Nebraska man for sexual assault in UW residence hall

Sanders has no affiliation with UW, according to UWPD

City of Madison

Man arrested for sexual assault in Eagle Heights community released from jail

'We received a phone call from a victim early Tuesday morning informing us that an assault had occurred and we responded immediately and immediately took the suspect into custody,” UWPD spokesperson says

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City of Madison

Dane County halts $20 million jail construction, instead invests in mental health center

Jail conditions are "inhumane," "absolutely unacceptable," county officials say

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