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Science News

Cheese-making organism may become state microbe, researchers say

As more states propose legislation to adopt state microbe, Wisconsin follows with important microbe for the dairy industry

City of Madison

Madison hosts 56th annual World Dairy Expo

Organizations, farmers, agronomists provide insight into Wisconsin dairy industry

Science News

UW’s Animal Welfare Program: ‘Giving cows a voice through science’

Researchers study holistic wellbeing of farm animals to better improve their mental, physical wellbeing

Science News

UW dairy science research aims to support Wisconsin dairy farms

Dairy Cattle Center, Dairy Innovation Hub continue to innovate dairy industry


Farm to Table: In America’s Dairyland, UW students with farming backgrounds note campus disconnect

When it comes to food, farming, cross sections, many students remain unaware


Gains from deregulation of factory farm construction unclear, legislation should be cautious

Proposed bill would hand regulatory power from state to farmers

State of Wisconsin

Farmers speak out about financial aid received from federal government

Two farm owners discuss effects of federal aid, produce market crises

UW-Madison Campus

Legislators propose new UW dairy centers to boost industry

Dairy Innovation Hubs to be established at three UW schools

Dirty Bird

Letter to the Editor: I can’t stop shitting my pants because of all the dairy on this campus

This is lactose-intolerance erasure

State of Wisconsin

Economic hardships lead to skyrocketing suicide rates among Wisconsin farmers

Of record number of suicides in Wisconsin in 2017, many were dairy farmers

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