Trump’s late impeachment comes with far-reaching potential consequences

Since impeachment trial will set precedents for future U.S. politics and politicians, it needs to be carefully conducted

Capitol, Madison, State Capitol, Carroll St,

Absentee voting key to ensuring fair November election

Wisconsin, voters must fight back Trump's efforts to undermine November election, support USPS


No platforming nowhere near as productive as debate or conversation

Bill enshrining free speech shouldn't be attacked


Constitution should be interpreted as written, not as public opinion changes

Courts should protect current legislation, not effectively create their own through reinterpretation


Progress, pride and the relentless pursuit of victory

After Gov. Evers flew the Pride flag at the Capitol, a reminder that fight for equality is a constant struggle emboldened by small steps forward


Barring employees from reporting cases of workplace discrimination makes no sense

Stripping established protections against workplace discrimination is yet another thinly-veiled Republican effort to devalue underrepresented voices


Supreme Court elections inevitably induce political agendas

In election designed to appoint objective voice, Supreme Court candidates are troublingly forced to present partisan agendas


Point Counterpoint: Gorsuch revives originalism in the Supreme Court

Viewing Constitution as living document opens door to bias — luckily, Justice Gorsuch has shut that door

State of Wisconsin

Proposed law amendment would give crime victims voice in legal process

Marsy's Law would allow victims to speak up, be a larger part of judicial process involving prosecution

State of Wisconsin

State lawmaker renews support for amending Constitution

Sen. Chris Kapenga circulated resolution to join 28 states in push to hold convention

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