Point Counterpoint: USMCA must consider impact on local Wisconsin economy, environment

Trump's aggressive tariffs, original USMCA agreement were detrimental to US, however, Democrats' revisions make agreement infinitely better

UW-Madison Campus

UW panel discusses causes of coronavirus

Several medical experts reviewed biological, political factors driving epidemic


As the coronavirus spreads to Madison, so does discrimination against Asian-Americans

After UW announced its first case, increasing rates of coronavirus-inspired prejudice against Asian-American students must be addressed


Farmers across US are suffering because of Trump’s trade war with China

While trade war resulted in financial collapse of farms in the U.S., Trump's short-term solution to subsidize farms not useful in long run

UW-Madison Campus

UPDATED: First confirmed coronavirus case in Wisconsin tested at UW Hospital

Patient isolated at home, in good condition

UW-Madison Campus

Coronavirus not dangerous to UW students, experts say

Students are advised to focus on personal hygiene during flu season


Foxconn’s ‘innovation centers’ are proving to be a burden on Wisconsin’s economy

Wisconsin's partnership with Foxconn is ultimately turning disastrous as Chinese giant refuses to reveal what their plans in Wisconsin are


Wisconsin’s increasing farm closures spell devastation for the dairy industry

Trump's reckless actions with China have left Wisconsin farmers in economic disrepair, farmers all over the country in similar condition

City of Madison

As Chinese import fewer recyclables, Madison’s profits go down

'The recycling system still functions, the money’s just not there like it once was,' recycling coordinator says

UW-Madison Campus

Harvard fellow discusses chance of political revolution amidst U.S.-China trade conflict

Succeed or fail economically, China will eventually have to deal with transforming their political system, William Overholt said