UW-Madison Campus

Board of Regents approves amendments to legislation on student free speech

Members of ASM have disproved of bill, believe it will limit free speech instead of promote it

UW-Madison Campus

UW System presidential search committee timeline unaffected by COVID-19 pandemic

Committee chair says all future interviews, meetings will be virtual

State of Wisconsin

Evers appoints nonprofit leader, Milwaukee local to Board of Regents

New member will serve rest of Gerald Whitburn's term following his Jan. resignation


No platforming nowhere near as productive as debate or conversation

Bill enshrining free speech shouldn't be attacked

UW-Madison Campus

Board of Regents member Gerald Whitburn resigns, Evers to appoint replacement

Whitburn reappointed in 2018 for term through May 2025, said it's time to step away

UW-Madison Campus

UW Presidential Search Committee to allow non-academic applicants

Search Committee includes no academic staff or faculty

UW-Madison Campus

UW staff pass resolution opposing UW System president search committee

Current committee includes no academic staff or faculty members

UW-Madison Campus

UW starts counting Minnesota residents and transfer students in resident enrollment report

Policy now requires UW to enroll minimum 5,200 in-state students


Board of Regents’ ‘protection’ of free speech actually does exact opposite

Integrity of debate, free speech vital to healthy democracy

UW-Madison Campus

ASM introduces campus free speech proposal

Bill would allow each UW System school their own free speech policy