City of Madison

At Madison rally, 2020 hopeful Bernie Sanders attracts hundreds

Sanders discussed universal healthcare, reducing student debt, collaborative politics and taking on the Trump administration

UW-Madison Campus

Openly undocumented lawyer discusses current political climate, struggles facing undocumented students

Cesar Vargas also worked for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign


Russian interference can be blamed for Trump, but American politicians responsible for rest of nation’s problem

Continuing to use Russian interference as scapegoat keeps us buried in oppressive, twisted policies


For political parties to prevent breakdown, they’ll need quality candidates

Milwaukee radio personality Charlie Sykes signals end to major political groups


The great Democratic Party civil war begins now

Dwindling numbers of Democrats in local offices will mean trouble come 2020


Sanders proves he cannot craft smart trade legislation

Sanders — based upon his rhetoric not what he is actually crafting in this legislation — wants to prevent offshoring


Voter turnout increases on campus, falls for state

7,345 voter IDs distributed for the election, state sees lowest turnout in decade


Why Tammy Baldwin would have been a better VP choice than Tim Kaine

Due to her womanhood, progressive stances, Wisconsin senator had potential for positive press in Clinton's campaign

State of Wisconsin

Poll finds Clinton lead still narrow in Wisconsin

Almost fifth of voters said they expect more illegal votes cast than legal votes prevented


The median household income is rising. Here’s why it matters to students

Income of $56,516 is highest since 2007, represents a 5.2 percent increase from 2014

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