Point Counterpoint: Criminal justice reform — another promise kept by President Trump

All Americans can be proud of Trump's 'first step' in reforming the American justice system


Americans need to learn more about world outside America

Lack of global awareness is embarrassing at best, dangerous at worst


Political activism cannot cease once we go to the polls

Showing up to the polls is not the only way to make tangible change. In fact, it's not actually the best way.


Hey Trump, start listening to your advisers

Retaliatory tariffs demonstrate Trump's lack of expertise, disregard of closest advisers unwise


Split over government shutdown may have negative implications for Democrats in midterm elections

Senate Minority Leader did not learn from 2013 mistakes

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Robert Kennedy points the way for the future of progressives

Robert Kennedy's charismatic, populist attitude is exactly what the progressives need in their next candidate


Our future as Americans depends on our ability to work together in coming months

In an America more chaotic and divided than ever, finding harmony is the only way we can move forward

Study Abroad

From 4,200 Miles Away: After a semester abroad, it’s not easy to feel proud to be an American

I'd never felt embarrassed of my heritage - until I was faced with the harsh reality that the rest of the world believes I should be

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