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Commodification of holidays, excessive consumerism damage Earth

America's history of consumerism contributes to wasteful spending, carbon emissions during holidays


Partisan polarization threatens meaningful classroom engagement

Classrooms dominated by political biases prevent constructive student discussion, learning

UW-Madison Campus

UW faculty, student organizations celebrated Veterans Day

Military student organizations hosted events all day, student veteran says


Reassessment of US relationship with Old World is imperative

Free trade works wonders, is impeded by protectionsim in US


‘Displaced Horizons’ presents water scarcity through multimedia project

Third event funded by the The Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies gives rare look into inequality of resource


America’s reputation as the land of opportunity is on the brink of disappearing

Political disagreement resulting in legislative stagnation harms the global image of America


StoriesEtc: ‘My heart, mere dil’ offers a tale of two lovers, from child of immigrants

To be suspended between two conflicting identities, claiming neither as a home, is both suffocating and beautiful


Trump’s national security team brings safety back to America

Including military personnel in the Cabinet gives our country hope for foreign policy success


The fine line between escapism and ignoring real problems

Finding balance between tuning out, focusing in on what's happening in government is essential for protecting our future


Calvin Coolidge might be the best president you’ve never heard of

Looking at this unheralded president of the past might just help inform the American future

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