Trump is acquitted again, Sen. Ron Johnson sends the wrong message by siding with him

Republicans fear the constituents to end their political career, they are just cowards who are too scared to do the right thing


Penalizing students for not attending class can negatively affect mental health

It is unfair to penalize students for not being able to come to class, especially during COVID-19


“Not in my backyard” mindset is hurting Madison homeless population, more resources need to be dedicated to help them

With McPike Park being vacated and the proposed permanent men’s shelter facing resistance, there are not many places for the homeless of Madison to turn to


The Badger Herald Editorial Board endorses Juliana Bennett for Madison District 8 alder

Bennett, a co-founder of the UW BIPOC Coalition, is running to replace current District 8 Alder Max Prestigiacomo


Constitutional right to vote must be protected as Republicans seek to limit voter access, eligibility

In the wake of the 2020 election, Republican lawmakers nationwide have released a slew of restrictive measures to limit the right to vote, threatening democracy and our constitutional rights


Political Stalemate: Wisconsin Republicans must compromise with state Dems on COVID-19 legislation

Mask mandates and public health restrictions are only the latest points of contention between state Republicans and Gov. Evers.


Clocking back in as the world’s policeman: Biden adopts foreign policy strategies of his predecessors

Biden's foreign policy agenda echoes Obama-era interventionism while greatly opposing Trump's isolationist attitudes


UHS collaborative effort with UW Housing, UWPD step in right direction addressing mental health crisis

National mental health crisis compounded with COVID-19 pandemic calls for increased mental health support options on campus, collaborative effort among UHS and UW divisions shows promise


Rittenhouse’s savior complex apparent as he remains sympathetic to supremacists even on bail

Out on bail, it's clear Kyle Rittenhouse still believes in his racist, unfounded ideology and his actions were defensible


Trump’s late impeachment comes with far-reaching potential consequences

Since impeachment trial will set precedents for future U.S. politics and politicians, it needs to be carefully conducted

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