UHS services inadequate for students dealing with long term mental illness

Limiting the amount of visits a student dealing with longterm mental health issues detrimental to their wellbeing


Columbus Day should be put to bed for good

Celebrating a name synonymous with genocide and blatant racism is incredibly unnecessary


There are better ways to protect free speech than punishing those who disagree

Protecting students from imminent violence is one thing, but punishing students for vague reasons is another


Badger Promise program helps financially disadvantaged students make most of UW

College students have enough on their plate without having to worry about how they plan to pay off student debt


Walker’s line-veto power makes an already bad budget even worse

Walker's reversals of legislation passed by Wisconsin lawmakers shows his devotion to a set group of wealthy individuals

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: UW System more tolerant of hate than those who stand against it

Students' ability to assemble, protest controversial speakers trampled with new UW policy


University delay in threat notification puts students in harms way

University officials should not allow proximity to campus to dictate whether students are informed, especially on State Street


Free speech is good, the Regents decision isn’t

Vague policy prohibits debate of ideas on campus, limiting freedom of speech from both sides of the spectrum


Havens Center award to communist misplaced, condones atrocities committed in name of ideology

Tariq Ali's sympathetic stance towards communist ideology that killed millions does not deserve any award from UW


Pushing party agenda in wake of Las Vegas tragedy deplorable

20-week abortion bill shows that GOP values lives of unborn fetuses more than the lives of current citizens