Letter to the Editor: American Climate Corps will help secure just environmental future

New program offers climate justice, job opportunities for young Americans


The Badger Herald Editorial Board: We will not wait for the next school shooting

The Badger Herald Editorial Board joins over 50 student newspapers in publishing student-written op-ed calling for action on gun violence


Age limits for Wisconsin justices balance responsiveness, experience

Limit set at 75 years old may not be best for every situation, but in-line with public opinion


Wisconsin must expand Medicaid, regulation of prescription drug prices

New proposals seek to increase health insurance eligibility, reduce burden of rising prescription drug prices


The Badger Herald Editorial Board: State Sen. Kelda Roys discusses Republican attacks on higher education

Relationship between Wisconsin GOP, UW has implications on student experiences, Roys says


Racial identity needs to be considered in financial aid, scholarship decisions

Proposal that does not consider marginalized identities in financial aid decisions reinforces inequitable systems in higher education

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: US Forest Service must reevaluate logging project in northern Wisconsin

Considering environmental impacts, executive order, USFS should halt Fourmile Vegetation Management Project


Luxury apartment complexes threaten local businesses, Madison charm

Construction of new apartments complexes in Madison removes local businesses, threatens unique charm of city


DNR’s wolf conservation plan flexible for changing ecological conditions

Despite pushback from farmers and hunters, new DNR conservation policy for wolves in the state remains most sensible


New School of Education partnership may resolve teacher shortages for Milwaukee Public Schools

Program between Milwaukee Public Schools, University of Wisconsin has potential to improve teacher retention

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