Letter to the Editor

From Gordons to federal government, policies making assumptions about consumer desires are unfair

Mandating certain consumer behavior limits freedom, suppresses competition


Party affiliation should have no impact on holding men accountable

Sexual assault allegations should not be weighed against one another to see which is 'worse'


Dane County funding for jails may improve mental health services for inmates, reduce solitary confinement

Current state of jail remains dangerous for inmates, staff

Letter to the Editor

Mandatory dining hall plan far too simple, disregards nuance of dining needs

Prioritizing profits over individual needs hurts religious, economically disadvantaged students


Gov. Walker’s food stamp drug testing proposal is unconstitutional

Proposed measure is clear misuse of taxpayer dollars, risking livelihood of children in low-income families is unacceptable

Letter to the Editor

University dining policy overlooks students of faith

Dietary restrictions for students of faith unaccounted for in proposed dining hall account minimum of $1400


First district challengers are gifts for Paul Ryan

Bryce, Nehlen both weak, unqualified candidates to replace Ryan as Speaker of the House


Questionable motivation for rushed, flippant construction of tax bill should distress Republicans

Sen. Ron Johnson focused on taxation of “pass-through” corporations


Fund programs which prevent reincarceration, not the prison system

There's something ironic about syphoning funds into improving the quality of facilities where it's likely those convicted of a crime will end up a second or third time


To combat low university employment, UW must commit to putting student needs first

UW is losing its workforce to more attractive off-campus options, and it's time for them to raise wages if they hope to keep a viable employee base