New tariffs on steel, aluminum are Trump’s haphazard apology to his most loyal constituents

Trade war coupled with economic hardships would devastate finances of blue collar workers


UHS’s online mental health training patronizes mentally ill students

Mental illness is anything but clear cut, treating it as such is disservice to students who need help the most


UW Health study disproves motorcycle misconceptions, prompts need for stricter safety regulations

Helmets decrease amount of neck injuries for motorcyclists, making people wonder why they are not madatory


UW study proves children deserve better than current gun culture

Correlation between presence of firearms, child depression cause for gun control, stricter regulations

Letter to the Editor

University remains committed to promoting inclusion across spectrums

In light of recent campus-wide diversity forum, administrative deans would like to address additional context


Sen. Vukmir boasts a reputable track record, deserves Senate seat

GOP Senate candidate has support of state legislators, activists, many young conservatives, deserves to be elected


More sex positivity, education essential to reducing campus sexual assault

Increased intrapersonal knowlege, transparency will lead to reduced sexual assault


Trump’s trade policy changes evocative of historical mistakes that lead to Great Depression

President's lack of attention to history, expert opinions will have disatrous results in terms of tariffs


Letter to the Editor: Volunteerism benefits personal, social, academic aspects of student life

Regardless of major, volunteering improves self, campus, community, prompting all badgers to get involved


Point Counterpoint: Defunding Planned Parenthood attacks every American

Valuable health resource acts as more than just a clinic offering abortions — which are not federally-funded anyway