Point Counterpoint: Tax reform a victory for middle class Americans

Get ready for a new period of economic boom as wages, growth and employment soar


Falling prey to reactive politics, Democrats work against their own interests

In order to truly combat the wrongs of the current administration, Democrats must focus on inner-party cooperation


UW students would benefit from more healthy lifestyle programs

For students trying to stay healthy in college, programs implemented by UW promoting a healthy lifestyle would go a long way


Gerrymandering has intensely gendered implications

Women are statistically more likely to vote democratic, so gerrymandering, specifically in Wisconsin, has silenced their voice


Republicans must rally around conservative reformer Leah Vukmir to oust Baldwin

Vukmir's extensive, successful record proves she is the perfect candidate to defeat incumbent


Republican tax plan same old story, rich get richer, rest are left to the wayside

Across the board, there are too many negatives associated with the Republican tax plan to consider it a possible success


There is less to implicit bias than we might think

IAT tests unreliable, produce random answers about test-takers


An artists work should never be separated from their actions off screen

Recent reports of sexual assault accusations have brought to light a glaring Hollywood issue, so turn off your TV


Wisconsin Republican’s response to indictments paint bleak future for Republican party, country

The Failure of Republicans like Johnson and Ryan to see the enormity of Mueller’s indictments sets low expectations for inner party accountability in the future

Letter to the Editor

Sexual assault survivors deserve an effective justice system

Many survivors don't feel confident pursuing legal justice, and here's why