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Letter to the Editor

A plea to ASM: Student government needs impartial leadership, competitive chair elections

Katrina Morrison has shown she does not have the ability to be impartial nor represent all students


United Airlines potential discrimination strains already tenuous race relations

With evidence pointing to racial profiling, the United Airlines incident signals a change for the worse for minorities in America

Letter to the Editor

Suicide is no laughing matter

For comedy to be funny, comedians must learn the difference between being edgy and crossing the line

Letter to the Editor

Divestment resolution forces Jewish students bear weight of discrimination, anti-Israel sentiment

ASM deceptively revives, passes anti-Semitic divestment resolution

Letter to the Editor

Empowerment is essential for a new generation of confident young women

Distortions of ideal 'beauty' in today's culture means young women are often left with serious confidence issues


Milwaukee County Jail death should spark outrage in us all

Inmate who died of dehydration shows why we need to continue discussion of treatment of minorities, mentally ill, incarcerated


Dorm safety needs to become a priority for university

Campus authorities keeping important information from dorm residents ultimately puts their safety, security at risk

Letter to the Editor

Intercultural Dialogues is a valuable addition to any undergraduate program

Cours emphasizes identity analyses, teaches students not to 'other,' promotes healthy campus climate


Point Counterpoint: Confirmation of Justice Gorsuch undermines values of the Supreme Court itself

Blatant Republican abuse of power signifies clear bias, partisan lean in judiciary branch


Protestors, pick your battles: Forbes’ speech not worth your breath

Freedom of speech includes both sides

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