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right to work capitol protest

Democratic Party of Wisconsin leadership isn’t to blame for the 2016 Election

Though 2016 was a bad year Martha Laning and her staff, they deserve more time to make Wisconsin a blue state again

planned parenthood -1

Nasty women did not need your vote: Stand up for Planned Parenthood

Now more than ever, organizations providing safe, legal abortion services need our support


Women fighting for their rights alone is not enough: Why the Women’s March on Washington needs men

The Trump administration will be an everyday fight for women's rights, males need to be our allies

gun violence day of action

Betsy DeVos’ thoughts and prayers won’t stop the bullets that will end countlesss American lives

President-Elect Trump's pick for Secretary of Education showed apathy, ignorance to gun violence in Congressional hearings


Why ‘The Problem of Whiteness’ is an essential class at the University of Wisconsin

If academic freedom is important to Wisconsin legislators, they should support the new course, not complain about it


Gentlemen, before going out this weekend, remember not to be a creep

With the new semester, it's time for a refresher on how not to be a creep

Lake Mendota with capital

Academic freedom, UW funding, campus carry: Editorial Board’s spring 2017 stories to watch

The Badger Herald Editorial Board deemed the following stories important to follow throughout the semester. Academic freedom under threat If you’re still shook by the


So long as Trump follows through on his foreign policy vision, America is in good shape

Rebuilding relationship with Russia, tearing down ISIS, protecting military crucial in coming months

Trump Rally

Don’t blindly accept evidence-free report on Russian hacking

While it may be easy, comforting to accept the report as fact, it is no substitute for evidence


While the Dept. of Natural Resources debates the cause of climate change, natural resources suffer

DNR takes steps backwards in the battle against global warming by scrubbing vital language from website

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