Madison can’t be called liberal if black candidates can’t canvass

Wrongful police call made against state Assembly candidate Stubbs prompts Madison to re-examine racist attitudes


Hiding homelessness from State Street ignores poverty, further perpetuates systemic inequality

Increasing police presence, fines are not effective methods in preventing homelessness


Kavanaugh cannot be considered for SCOTUS until accuser is taken seriously

Sen. Ron Johnson's call to hear Kavanaugh's accuser shows respect for political process, integrity of high court


Point Counterpoint: Why you should join UW College Democrats

In crucial election year, joining College Democrats is perfect way to be politically active


Point Counterpoint: Why you should join UW College Republicans

Conservative students can find their home with College Republicans, even on liberal campus


Diversifying UW faculty will create more effective, conducive learning environment for minority students

Fufilling faculty diversification initiative brings first hand experience without pressuring marginalized student populations


Rollback of restrictions on for-profit colleges exploits vulnerable student populations

If guidelines are repealed, corrupt institutions gain an opportunity to further profit instead of students


Midterm voters must show anonymous donors Wisconsin’s policy can no longer be bought

If state continues to equate money with free speech, integrity of Wisconsin's democracy remains in danger


Tuition is on the rise, and not everyone can keep up

As college prices skyrocket, many students are forced to balance study and full work load


Potential passage of SOFA Act indicative of effective policy, healthy democracy

Sen. Ron Johnson's bill has potential to save lives thanks to its efficiency in drug prevention