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Here’s to the place that taught me the beauty of truth telling

The Herald helped me see who I want to be


The irony of anti-ASM rhetoric from College Republicans

They're asking one ideological governing body to disband another

Letter to the Editor

Why it’s so important we support our police

Officers today need our respect more than ever


Divestment challenges Zionist occupation, not Jewish faith

Holding Israel accountable for actions has nothing to do with respect for Judaism

Study Abroad

From 4,200 Miles Away: Real life doesn’t have an Instagram filter

It's cliche for a reason — nothing good comes from our obsession with picture-perfect lives

Letter to the Editor

Pursuing equity is short-sighted, must be abolished

Aggressive liberal coalition on campus is growing far too radical


Looking back on four years of the free speech debate on campus

If liberals and conservatives still share anything, it's self-righteousness, defensiveness


Educating women must remain a priority of Trump’s administration

Educating women should not be a partisan issue


It’s time UW and the Madison community widen its update of racism

Just because you don't consider it racist doesn't mean it isn't

Letter to the Editor

The Heartland Farm Sanctuary is a haven for animals and people alike

Animals of all kinds deserve a second chance at a happy, healthy life

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