Current BRT proposal out of touch with community interests

Despite strong support, the plan ignores certain economic, equity concerns


Polarizing media trends should be considered main reason for increased youth voter turnout

Phenomena like spiral of silence, game framing may have contributed to changes in voter participation

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: UW System-wide student governance would address representation issues

ASM Student Council passed legislation this fall in hopes of re-establishing new system-wide student governance body


To solve traffic problems, we need more driverless cars in Madison

Madison is 16th in country for having worst drivers, but self-driving cars could fix that


The Badger Herald Editorial Board: Redefining our new normal as COVID-19 pandemic continues

UW, students must act to stop spread of new variants, maintain support for campus community


New Capital Times website offers path forward for local journalism

Newspaper broke ties with, establishing new website with minimal digital advertisements


Odyssey Beyond Bars’ success shows need to fund rehabilitative programs for incarcerated individuals

In light of winning distinguished award, UW's Odyssey Beyond Bars demonstrates how an educational program helped incarcerated students succeed


Don’t let unjustified skepticism stop you from getting COVID-19 booster

With FDA's recent authorization of all three COVID-19 vaccine boosters, UW students, faculty should get vaccine to save lives


Wisconsin dairy industry needs reform amid COP26 calls to fight climate change

Corporatized industry emits large amounts of greenhouse gases into atmosphere, pollutes groundwater


Rittenhouse trial highlights white privilege in criminal justice system

Rittenhouse' behavior, court's sympathetic treatment towards him contradict unfairness to people of color

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