City of Madison

‘Drunken’ man found smashing cars Saturday morning

The 20-year-old man said he believed he was in a parking garage near his home

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC approves amended FH King budget, hears SLP, ASM budgets

Committee discussed necessity of paying GAC members

UW-Madison Campus

UW researcher reflects on stem cell breakthrough 20 years ago

James Thomson's earth-shattering discovery garnered immense media attention, now he can appreciate the past

UW-Madison Campus

Musician, TV personality Amara La Negra discusses being Afro-Latina in entertainment industry

It's uncommon to see dark-skinned black women represented in Latinx pop culture, La Negra said

UW-Madison Campus

Experts weigh potential impact of Kavanaugh confirmation on November election

Polling suggests Kavanaugh's ascension to Supreme Court may have closed ‘enthusiasm gap’ between Republicans, Democrats

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC hears proposals for SVA, SPILL, tables decision on ALPs budget

Vice Chair Zaakir Abdul-Wahid expressed concern about viewpoint neutrality

UW-Madison Campus

UW pursues more inclusive Homecoming at kickoff event

Respect for group inclusivity an important aspect, Staskunas said

UW-Madison Campus

Harvard fellow discusses chance of political revolution amidst U.S.-China trade conflict

Succeed or fail economically, China will eventually have to deal with transforming their political system, William Overholt said

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC grants eligibility for Muslim Student Association, holds internal budget hearing

The proposed SSFC budget was the 'epitome of fiscal responsibility,' Swanson said

UW-Madison Campus

ASM approves new window signage bylaw, Babcock legislation put on ice

Black Lives Matter sign legislation postponed for rewrite