Election 2018: Amid expectations of a ‘Blue Wave,’ Wisconsin selects a Democratic ticket

Incumbent Gov. Scott Walker defeated in neck-and-neck race

Dirty Bird

Monstars finally return Ethan Happ’s shooting skills after scrimmage with Badgers

The forward hasn’t missed a free throw shot in weeks, can now drain threes from half court

Dirty Bird

Brad Davison is secretly MLB All Star Mike Trout

Inside the freshman point guard’s pro baseball career as Angels outfielder

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The Dirty Bird is unionizing

We will be tied down by editorial standards and grammar no longer

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There was supposed to be a concert review here, but I fell asleep

Snooze you win

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UW to change anthem to ‘Gucci Gang’

Rebranding effort to finally address student grievances

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UW Business School announces new seminar to be led by Girl Scouts

Frazzled frat boys not amused class is being taught by women

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This Dirty Bird takes you behind the front lines of the meme war

With no end in sight, the war continues to wage on between 10,000 plus milk-chugging teens

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Exposed: City Council’s main goal is to ruin lives of UW students

Madison Mayor claims proposals targeting food carts, liquor license are to change 'drinking culture'

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UW Chancellor Rebecca Blank missing for weeks, found behind podium

MPD recommends UW order Blank a personal step stool