Women's Ice Hockey, 1/25

Semester that was: Biggest stories in sports from the last four months

Though events surrounding COVID-19 brought sports in the US to a screeching halt, Badger sports still made big headlines this semester


Chancellor Blank on COVID-19, UW

As UW adjusts to online delivery during COVID-19, Blank discusses UW emergency procedure, university finances, virtual commencement

City of Madison

Semester that was: News’ biggest stories

From campus, city, state, here are biggest headlines from Spring 2020


Spring Superlatives: Where The Badger Herald staff will be in 20 years

After the semester, our staff has gotten to know each other pretty well - here is where we think we will be down the road


Semester that was: ArtsEtc. semester recap

A look back at the biggest stories this semester in ArtsEtc.


College students should worry most about gerrymandering — here’s why

As the college student vote trends further left, this demographic is at risk of being a target for gerrymandering


The year in review: Chancellor Blank on UW’s biggest stories

As school year wraps up, Blank discusses mental health services, sexual assault reporting, campus climate initiatives

Dirty Bird

Photo Essay: The Dirty Birb goes on spring break!

Everyone's been asking: What did the Dirty Bird staff do over spring break? Here's your answer, in photos.

Dirty Bird

Tales from the deep: The Vilas Floods of 2019

Yes, we know it's April. Why do you ask?

Dirty Bird

Grainger Hall is slowly disappearing before our very eyes thanks to one committed senior

What started as an event on Facebook has become Ferguson Barker's whole life

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