UW-Madison Campus

UW doctor sued for sexual exploitation, medical malpractice

Maganti, a UW professor, neurologist has been sued by a former patient for medical malpractice and inappropriate behavior

UW-Madison Campus

UW assistant basketball coach loses wife, daughter in car accident

Howard Moore, his family were struck by a car going the wrong way on a highway outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan

UW-Madison Campus

Native American historian discusses missing, murdered indigenous women

Heather Brugel discusses her findings, experiences in Native American legal system

City of Madison

Police body cameras spark controversy

After a proposal to fund police body cameras was rejected, many city council members want more research to be done before supporting any new proposals

City of Madison

MarketReady program supports diversity among entrepreneurs

MarketReady one of many programs in Madison working to assist marginalized business owners navigate barriers, prepare for upcoming Madison Public Market

City of Madison

Author of ‘White Fragility’ discusses dangerous impacts of internalized white superiority

Robin DiAngelo spoke about need for white people to educate themselves about racism

State of Wisconsin

UW economics professors find Medicaid expansion could save Wisconsin $100 million

Finding conflicts with February report that said expansion would cost $600 million

City of Madison

From protest to party: The 50-year evolution of the Mifflin Street block party

Annual Mifflin block party has shifted away from its political roots, a result of changes among Madison police, current UW culture

City of Madison

At Madison rally, 2020 hopeful Bernie Sanders attracts hundreds

Sanders discussed universal healthcare, reducing student debt, collaborative politics and taking on the Trump administration

UW-Madison Campus

Panel discusses barriers women, LGBTQ+ students face in STEM fields

Panelists say UW needs to take more direct action in supporting minority students in STEM fields