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GALLERY: Crowds gather in front of Capitol after Joe Biden becomes president-elect

On the fifth day of election coverage, Madison reacts to news of Trump's impending departure


Streaming television numbers jump 85% since same time last year

Brief rundown on popular streaming services, their increased viewership


Top 20 Oldies songs that will make Boomers you’re quarantining with happy again

From The Beatles to Jackson 5, this highly outdated playlist will make your heart sing


As the coronavirus spreads to Madison, so does discrimination against Asian-Americans

After UW announced its first case, increasing rates of coronavirus-inspired prejudice against Asian-American students must be addressed


‘Ok Boomer’ presents perfect way to slam dunk on WWII spawn over holiday szn

Weapon of the new age carries danger of making your aunt spit out her drink


New bills cracking down on drunk driving will be beneficial for Wisconsin

Stricter penalties will proactively dissuade intoxicated drivers from getting behind the wheel


Legalization of marijuana will promote racial progress in criminal justice system

Wisconsin bill to decriminalize marijuana could address racial disparities in incarceration rates, reduce effect of mandatory minimums


Sea levels are rising — but faith in Wisconsin politics can too

Potential bipartisan support for climate change action will prove meaningful, productive


Terrifying wasp infiltrates J201 class, dies on scene via blunt force trauma

Wasp finds notebook as tragic final note of life


Telehealth could be the future of mental healthcare for students

Rural school's choice to invest in telehealth sets positive example for other schools

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