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vs. bowling green 30-1 (1)
bball vs. uw parkside-8
stave reg
black lives matter protest-9
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black lives matter protest-1
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ohio state vs. wisconsin 21-1
ohio state vs. wisconsin 4-1
Duke 1 (horizontal)-1
During this holiday season, purchase gifts from independent Madison stores and the Dane County Farmers' Market .
Frites 1-1
vs. iowa-4
vs. iowa-10
walker online-1
For the second straight year, Dane County has failed to provide a winter day shelter for the homeless. Porchlight, located on the UW campus, is not able to meet the needs of all the local homeless individuals.
Defense 1-1
melvin 11-1
The national "It's On Us" Campaign aims to prevent campus sexual assaults and bring to light the plight victims face.
high rise online
Although the election results are in, voter ID is still undecided, as the Supreme Court blocked its implementation in Wisconsin for this past election, but did not rule it unconstitutional as a whole.
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Scott Walker 5-1
Gov. Scott Walker continues hinting at his 2016 presidential plans, but his Oval Office dreams may best be served as vice president of the United States.
walker crowd
walker stage
walker podium
Gov. Walker spoke to supporters at State Fair Park in West Allis after defeating Democrat Mary Burke in his re-election race.
Freakfest 18-1
The Dane County Farmers Market vendors face many obstacles which discourage participation.
Fall outdoor Farmers' market
tiny houses-1
homecoming parade-1
Individuals in the country and Wisconsin are forced to labor for their captors or become sexual slaves. However,  students on campus have recognized the problem and are helping to bring this lucrative business into the open.
Mastodon at Orpheum
vs. Maryland 5-1
vs. Maryland 4-1
homecoming spirit parade 6-1
homecoming spirit parade 5-1
homecoming spirit parade 4-1
homecoming spirit parade 3-1
homecoming spirit parade 2-1
homecoming spirit parade 1-1
homecoming badger games 2-1
homecoming badger games 1-1
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science online-1
Gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke’s résumé is insufficient, as it lacks the work experience necessary to assume the role of governor of Wisconsin.
The University of Wisconsin's lack of language certificates is detrimental to students and the university itself.
kaminsky and dekker-1
The city of Madison has faced threats to shared governance ever since the state began a series of major reductions to shared revenue payments to cities, towns and villages.
uw falll 13-1
wisconsin institute of discovery-1
soccer (women's) 2-1
soccer (women's)-1
mcevoy online-1
bus for online-1
First Lady Michelle Obama’s public support for gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke  should not blind voters as they choose between Gov. Scott Walker and Burke in the upcoming election; big-name backing is a nonesential.
As  more and more  candidates, running for all positions, are turning to social media as a platform for free public campaigning and  voter outreach, young people are being reached and communicated with in ways that are entirely new to this century.
First Lady Michelle Obama noted Burke's stance on women's rights to equal pay and decisions about their bodies. In addition, Burke plans to raise minimum wage and access to financial aid, she said at the event.
At the campaign event for Burke, Obama said students need to vote in November if they want a change in leadership.
Dave Zweig online-1
northwestern online 5-1
bada$$ 2-1
U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Madison, visited federally funded research projects Tuesday at UW's Mechanical Engineering building.
Ab-Soul 4-1
Ab-Soul 1-1
gameday house party-1
sketchy alley-1
vs. bowling green 2-1
The Head and the Heart
Crowd at Live on King Street
The Head and the Heart
opinion capitol-1
madtown hopper (landscape)-1
vs. bowling green 1-1
vs. bowling green 20-1
kenna's mug-1
emily's mug-2
Bandaloop at Memorial Union
Bandalopp at Memorial Union
Jason Huber of Cherub
Crowd at Cherub Majestic show
Cherub live at the Majestic
emily's mug-1
college barber shop
College Barber owner Larry Cobb will close down shop this week, ending an 86-year streak of old-fashion hair styling on State Street
Matt mug
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gay pride photo-1-3
capitol (photomatix 1)-1
Varsity Quarters, one of the newly-built apartments, is one of the unnecessary additions to student housing options.
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Maddie's Mug-1
Katie's Mug-1
polo's mug-1
Tara's Mug-1
UW math professor talks about his book, "How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking."
Dane County Jail
The sun sets over construction of the new staircase at the base of Bascom hill.
hippie christmas 9-1
crowd surfer-1
A Woman's Touch 2-1
concerts on the square-1
Madison skyline construction
storm damage 17-1
storm damage 7-1
gay marraige at city countyy-1
Soundset Crowd
soundset final 3-22
Badgers 2014 Camp Randall commencement
Langdon St. is home to much of the Greek life on the University of Wisconsin campus.
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waka flocka-1
lord of the fly-1
revelry crowd-1
diversity meeting WEB
business school stairs-1
The Red Gym is one of the hubs of diversity on this largely homogenous campus, made up of white, in-state students.
mother fools-1
sunset over mendota 5-1
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sunset over mendota-1
women's vball vs MU 7-1
which wich_-1
snow on bascom in april-1
snow on bascom in april 2-1
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traevon post miss-1
Kaminsky W-1 copy
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