Paul Ryan’s inability to connect with constituents has weakened his appeal — enter Randy Bryce

In a time where underdogs have a fighting chance, Paul Ryan may face his hardest election to date


Milwaukee County Jail death should spark outrage in us all

Inmate who died of dehydration shows why we need to continue discussion of treatment of minorities, mentally ill, incarcerated


Rural candidates are the future of the Democratic Party in Wisconsin

With so much of the state's population rural, finding someone who can identify with their struggles is essential


I can’t tell if Sean Spicer is an idiot or not

It might be an accident, but the White House Press Secretary's distractions for the media seem to be working


Anti-immigrant Americans need to remember why St. Patrick’s Day exists

Treatment of Irish immigrants in America during the 19th and 20th century remains remarkably relevant in today's political culture


It appears President Trump has no actual foreign policy plan

Odd behavior, foolish promises are making it seem that though president, his allies don't have any understanding of foreign policy


Taking attendance in classes is a waste of time

Forcing students to attend classes does nothing but dull an otherwise vibrant learning environment


The fine line between escapism and ignoring real problems

Finding balance between tuning out, focusing in on what's happening in government is essential for protecting our future


Lowell Holtz should not be in charge of Wisconsin schools

With public education in Wisconsin, America already under attack, we cannot afford to elect another Walker yes-man as state superintendent


Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke should run for U.S. Senate

If Clarke faces enough scrutiny as a Senate candidate, maybe Wisconsin can get rid of his antics for good

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