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Point-Counterpoint: New Republican redistricting bill

Redistricting bill comes amid talks of Supreme Court impeachment, but may also be a step towards fair maps


Point-counterpoint: ChatGPT’s role as therapy alternative

AI could provide fast, accessible therapy alternative, but with some serious concerns


Point-counterpoint: Platforming controversial speakers

Recent 60 Minutes interview with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene raises debate over role of media, free speech


Point-counterpoint: Decison to appoint new Wisconsin secretary of state

Following former Secretary of State Doug LaFollette's sudden resignation, controversy arises over how to select replacement


Point-Counterpoint: News414, the future of journalism

New media platform transforms world of news distribution


Point-Counterpoint: Should government spending be cut to handle debt ceiling crisis?

After federal government hit debt ceiling for spending last year, debate over spending cuts, tax hikes ensues


Point-counterpoint: Implications of campaign finance

After record-breaking campaign spending, opinions differ on what this means for American democracy


Point-counterpoint: Police officers in schools

Recent debates have sparked conversations about future of policing. Do police officers have a place in schools?


Point-counterpoint: Marijuana legalization in Wisconsin

Most Americans are interested in legalizing marijuana, but how to go about it?


Point-counterpoint: Addressing sustainability at UW

While change is undoubtedly necessary, disagreement persists over nature of transition to sustainability

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