One year later, 2017 election still inspiring political activism

While Trump put us in America's darkest days, women strive for bright future

City of Madison

The semester that was: Catch up on the biggest news stories from this spring

From divestment to Tony Robinson's record settlement, this spring packed a punch

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: We need more than just one march to make change

In order to make a lasting difference on policy in America, we need to do more than just talk about it — action is needed


Who run UW? Girls

Across campus, women dominate in classroom and seek leadership — and they kill it every time

City of Madison

The Women’s March happened. Now what?

Experts say protests need to be a part of a 'bigger strategy' to be effective


White feminism is an assault on brown and black bodies

Fighting for women's rights is meaningless if your advocacy isn't intersectional


Women who bash the Women’s March need to take a step back

Why the Women's March benefits everyone, not just the women who support its cause


A love letter to the women who moved me to march

Women's March on Washington showed the importance of fighting for equality and justice in Trump's America


The Women’s March was great, but white women can’t bail now

Minority groups need to become the focus of the feminist movement, as they have the most to lose


In photos: Women’s March brings colorful protest for justice to Madison streets

As seen through the eyes of citizen photographers at the peaceful demonstration, the future for females is bright

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