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Best ways to support women around you during Women’s History Month

Yes, men, it’s Women’s History Month


UW Women’s History: Celebrate 40 influential women who graduated from UW, their accomplishments

Women's History Month encourages education about women's contributions to U.S. history


The ‘S’ in STEM: Sexism in STEM classes places barriers for underrepresented students

Women, nonbinary students call for change in STEM majors, overall field 

UW-Madison Campus

UW holds Campus Rally for Iran as part of international movement

'There’s this ongoing fight for basic human rights and, specifically, women’s rights in Iran,' UW student says


In the pocket of the patriarchy: History behind the absence of pockets from traditionally female clothing

Pockets and the functionality of clothing have deep underlying political roots, tied to women's independence

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin legislators propose bill to ban abortions after 6 weeks

Republican legislators introduce bill that would ban abortions if embryo shows signs of electric activity

City of Madison

UWPD, MPD pledge to bring more women into law enforcement with 30×30 Pledge

30x30 Pledge aims for women to represent 30% of their police recruiting classes by 2030

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Legislature sees record number of female lawmakers

'We are on a trajectory that has been increasing the number of women in office, but that evolution is slow,' political science professor says

UW-Madison Campus

Women face additional challenges balancing work, home life amid pandemic

Experts suggest that some responsibility should be up to workplaces to relieve inequities

UW-Madison Campus

Campus Women’s Center discusses communication issues, COVID-19 challenges in budget hearing

SSFC decreased Atheists, Humanists, Agnostics' budget by 2.61%

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