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Protasiewicz must hear redistricting cases despite Republican objections

Republican calls for judge to recuse herself aim to counter court's 5-4 liberal majority


Tough-on-crime ads during Supreme Court election bear impacts of harmful legacy

Willie Horton style political ads perpetuate fear-mongering, produce negative effects for marginalized communities


Wisconsin Supreme Court election may transform state’s future

Open seat in Court presents opportunity for Democratic majority, could influence policy decisions in Wisconsin

State of Wisconsin

Green Party candidate denied from Wisconsin general election ballot

Wisconsin independent candidates need 2000 signatures to get on ballot, and signatures can be challenged, Public Information Officer of the WEC says

City of Madison

Unofficial results for Wisconsin’s spring primary come in, absentee ballot questions persist

1,098,489 ballots in total were returned as of Monday morning out of 1,284,438

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin spring primary raises concerns, legal questions among local, state officials

If election is close, voters will question election legitimacy in court, UW political science expert says

UW-Madison Campus

Justice Kelly discusses dedication to Wisconsin citizens, important role of state Supreme Court

'All the wonderful folks here in Wisconsin [are] one of the reasons it is such an honor to serve,' Kelly said


Editorial Board: Spring 2020 stories to watch

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Supreme Court election results show youth vote is critical to progressive victory

NextGen Wisconsin works to increase young voter turnout, defeat Republicans in 2020


Voters should do their homework ahead of state Supreme Court elections

Easily digestible news articles only encourage citizens to vote along party lines, not on candidate’s character