State of Wisconsin

Marquette Law poll finds partisan divide in support for Mueller report, Sanders leading presidential race

Forty-two percent of respondents said they were confident report is "fair and impartial"


Excluding Jewish holidays from legislative calendar disrespects Wisconsin’s Jewish community

Forcing legislators to choose between representing their constituents and worship is discriminatory


Removing ‘retardation’ from state code signals progress toward respect, bipartisanship

Despite great political polarization, there are still common sense solutions both parties should support

State of Wisconsin

Walker, despite pushback, signs into law controversial extraordinary session bills

Gov.-elect Tony Evers says Walker 'ignored' the desires of Wisconsinites, undermining practices of good democracy

State of Wisconsin

Legislature passes lame duck bills limiting executive power

In a rare lame-duck session, the Wisconsin state Legislature passed a package of billsĀ along party lines Wednesday morning limiting executive power and early voting.

State of Wisconsin

New legislation will cut statewide district attorney shortage in half

54 positions will be filled statewide, specifically in understaffed Walworth County

State of Wisconsin

‘Blue Lives Matter’ bill faces opposition from legislators across party lines

Sixty-four police officers were killed with guns in 2016 as part of hate crimes

State of Wisconsin

Badger Advocates looks to bridge gap between UW, Legislature

The alumni group also aims for faculty, staff, alumni voice on political issues

State of Wisconsin

Why does Wisconsin’s abortion rate keep dropping?

Pro-life, pro-choice organizations discuss causes, implications of recent statistic

UW-Madison Campus

New financial aid director hopes to make paying for college easier

UW will carry out more outreach toward students seeking aid