Social media is ablaze about Notre Dame — but silent about destruction of mosques, black churches

Failure to give appropriate attention to destruction of other religious sites emblematic of extreme, pervasive white supremacy


Slavery is still legal in Wisconsin’s prisons — it’s time to change that

On the anniversary of the passage of the thirteenth amendment, Wisconsin must reevaluate the permission of forced prison labor


It’s always been ‘this bad’: White supremacy blinds white people from recognizing racial injustice

In a political system designed to perpetuate white supremacy, divisiveness is felt when white people feel uncomfortable

UW-Madison Campus

Visiting professor discusses resurgence of white supremacy

Belew discussed her book 'Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America,' its current resurgence


Let’s call the Pittsburgh massacre what it is — domestic terrorism.

To counter threat of white nationalist violence, one must be honest about what it is

UW-Madison Campus

UW students create display on Bascom to combat white supremacy, racism on campus

Display organizer said combating racism, white supremacy begins with understanding what microaggressions are


Increase in white supremacy on campuses nationwide emblematic of social climate in America

Students responsible for standing up to harmful, racist rhetoric on campuses nationwide


Illinois congressional race features unlikely candidate, a Nazi

21st century American politics is no place for Nazi


Impeachment futile, midterm elections integral to change

Shifting congressional control is first step to dismantling Trumpism

Hump Day

Hump Day: The nuances of sex-positivity

Thumbs up for consent!