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State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin residents to see welfare reform question on April 4 ballot

Advisory question will be used to gauge public opinion


Charities gratify philanthropists, unable to offer long-term solutions

Donating to charity during the holidays fulfills philanthropists, but further systemic solutions needed to combat root causes of poverty


UBI promises cash, dignity, possibility to those who need it most

Basic income to pilot in Milwaukee


Walker cannot claim recovery from Great Recession when racial disparities run rampant

Gov. Walker referred to Wisconsin as 'working and winning,' but several racial disparities still remain


Lawmakers must be held to a higher standard in creation of welfare laws

Walker's food stamp programs don't 'trampoline' its recipients, they only make self-sufficiency less attainable

State of Wisconsin

Under Walker’s new welfare package, recipients see increase in work requirements for food stamps, mandated drug tests

Governor believes assistance 'should be more like a trampoline and less like a hammock'


Mandatory drug tests, increased work requirements do nothing to help welfare recipients

Instead of making coverage harder to obtain, minimum wage must be increased to prevent need for welfare


Point Counterpoint: ‘Wisconsin Works for Everyone’ won’t succeed in an economy failing everyone

Walker's initiative intends to slash food stamp benefits, adversely impact children of welfare recipients

State of Wisconsin

Walker brings ‘carrot and stick’ approach to welfare

Plan will build on welfare reforms made by former Gov. Tommy Thompson

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