Point Counterpoint: Voter ID laws preserve electoral integrity

With ample opportunity to obtain proper identification and allowance for exceptions, voter ID laws in Wisconsin are common sense


Point Counterpoint: Voter ID laws lock out America’s minorities

Barriers to obtain ID limits vote, and lack of evidence of significant voter fraud discounts reasoning for such laws


College students should worry most about gerrymandering — here’s why

As the college student vote trends further left, this demographic is at risk of being a target for gerrymandering


Fake news isn’t just fake facts — cherry-picking, misrepresenting the truth is still a lie

Politicians using selective hearing when searching for data to fit agendas immoral, unethical


Automatic voter registration valuable first step in combatting restrictive voter ID laws

Automatically registering voters not complete solution to low turnout numbers, but acceptable start


Voter ID laws discriminate based on race, socioeconomic status

The color of one’s skin or amount of money saved in bank not grounds for revocation of rights

State of Wisconsin

State lawmaker says voter impersonation still a problem despite no reported incidents

Republicans, Democrats did not always disagree on voter ID law

State of Wisconsin

Judge addresses shortcomings of Wisconsin voter ID law

Department of Justice will not seek a repeal of the ruling

State of Wisconsin

UW study hopes to find effect of Wisconsin voter ID laws

UW Political Science Department, Dane County Clerk partner to uncover data on voting habits

City of Madison

City partners with libraries to make voting easier

Two absentee sites to open on UW campus in October