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City of Madison

Community outreach at forefront of Madison violence prevention

Outreach officers, public health work to address violence through community outreach, research efforts


Media influencers, institutions cause uptick in antisemitism

Recent comments by prominent media influencers responsible for spike in antisemitic behavior on college campuses

City of Madison

Shootings down from 2020, Madison organizations, agencies wrestling to reduce violence

Madison organizations and agencies working out how to reduce violence, improve racial equity

UW-Madison Campus

People of UW: PAVE volunteer coordinator explains need to promote safeguarding against sexual assault

Stories of students: Come back next week for more stories about students making a difference on campus


Crossing the line: Violence in sports must be discouraged

Though fighting, aggression make athletic events more popular, public encouragement of these practices jeopardizes athletes, society as a whole


When it comes to violence against youth, there is heroism in hesitation

Following MPD's violent treatment of distressed teen, department must revisit best practices, regardless of incident's legality


Implementing UW-affiliated self-defense courses combats issues of passive engagement with student safety

Reports of rise in sexual assaults makes threat of sexual violence real, self-defense classes would work to prepare students for the worst


Soglin should focus on promoting public health, safety laws instead of vetoing liquor license

By simply refusing to allow alcohol licenses for new business, Mayor Soglin hurts new businesses without solving greater issue


It’s time for the media to stop framing victims as ‘deserving’ of the crime

The way media frames stories plays a large role in how the public views both the victim and the perpetrator

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