University should prepare students for all parts of being a teacher

In light of Chicago Teacher Strike, it's important for education students to understand the field, be fully dedicated


The cost of attending a large university

Small and large universities offer different benefits and downsides, depending on your educational priorities


UW must take holistic approach to address negative aspects of Greek life

Steps to improve culture surrounding Greek life on campus must be comprehensive, wide-reaching


U.S. News college rankings offer false sense of superiority, foster elitism

College rankings reveal inadequacies in social mobility, rather than improvement in education quality


There’s no need for a state-run student loan refinance program

Loan refinancing is already offered by private sector, state government is not well-equipped to manage student loans

State of Wisconsin

UW System examines ways to improve enrollment, graduation rates

Regents are concerned with declining rate of high school students interested in higher education


It’s time to get rid of mopeds at UW

Mopeds at UW are dangerous to pedestrians and wasteful on a campus which promotes conservation


Sen. Johnson’s whiteboard blunder

In Senator's most recent commercial he seemingly apologized for teacher comments


UW Neon Artists bring kids’ drawings to light

At Madison Children's Museum, Glow Show exhibit showcases colorful sculptures inspired by children's drawings

UW System

Regents approve $42.5 million budget focused on developing workforce, college affordability

UW System approved millions in funding to increase college enrollment, affordability

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