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UW must live up to Title VI expectations after receiving $4 million in federal funding

Title VI funds give UW opportunity to expand cultural studies courses, advance nondiscrimination in the classroom

UW-Madison Campus

Chancellor-designee Mnookin holds press conference, answers questions about appointment

'I'm mostly going to be doing a lot of listening and thinking and then bring my ideas together with the ideas of others to help move the university forward,' Chancellor-designee says.

State of Wisconsin

‘It’s problematic:’ Economic disparity between UW-Madison and other UW schools puts smaller campuses at risk

'UW-Madison has been able to increase tuition revenue in ways that other campuses really can't,' UW-Milwaukee professor says

Capitol, Madison, State Capitol, Carroll St,

Dr. Jill Biden returns to the White House, her plans to tackle multiple issues at once manifest the ‘Wisconsin Idea’

Biden's versatility helps reshape the public interpretation of First Lady, her actions and plans inspire other female politicians to challenge the norms of their professional and political positions

UW-Madison Campus

UW professor discusses importance of understanding diagnosis of autism in higher education

Increasing understanding is becoming more important as autism diagnoses are on rise

UW-Madison Campus

UW professor says teaching is most important part of professor’s job

Professor Brighouse lectured on the value of talented teachers in higher education as part of Wisconsin Idea lecture series

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