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As GOP tax plan gains public support, Democrats follow suit

With new tax plan, Democrats show they recognize positive impacts of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act


Rush for Republican tax overhaul created ambiguous policy that hurts businesses

Win in partisan fighting only benefits party, not constituents

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Democratic coverage of tax reform ignores long-term benefit for individuals, professor says

Reform won't have large impact on world economy


Democrats continue using old, useless argument opposing tax reform

As history shows, similar tax reforms to today's overhaul have greatly benefited the American economy


GOP tax reform hits closer to home than students think

Education is a privilege that, because of the tax reform, will become much less accessible for middle, lower class families, students


Point Counterpoint: Tax reform a victory for middle class Americans

Get ready for a new period of economic boom as wages, growth and employment soar


Point Counterpoint: Republican tax plan same old story, rich get richer, rest are left to the wayside

Across the board, there are too many negatives associated with the Republican tax plan to consider it a possible success


Wisconsin politicians should follow Kind’s lead

Under the current hyper-partisan political climate, Ron Kind suggests a simple solution to a complex set of issues


Trump’s tax reform demonstrates his shallow nature

Trump's tax plan will not do what he says it will, and Wisconsinites will suffer

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