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‘The Memory Project: Faces of Joy’ details experiences, trauma of Syrian refugees

Project will be on display until Nov. 19 at the Ruth Davis Design Gallery


Trump provides Syrians the security Obama never could

Previous column ignores glaring faults of Obama administration's handling of Syria, overlooks value of this decision


Syrian airstrikes signal America’s return as trigger happy, war loving country

Military action alone does not, and will never, make America 'great'


Syrian airstrikes signal return of America as global superpower

Intervention in conflict proves U.S. remains the superpower it has always been


Rhetoric surrounding Syrian airstrikes is remarkably hypocritical

After being anti-intervention for so long, pretending to get involved in this conflict for humanitarian reasons is downright foolish

UW-Madison Campus

Trump’s airstrikes in Syria draw concerns from UW students

Omar Jandal, UW junior, called it case of 'realpolitik'


Facts speak louder than words: Syrian refugees have never been a threat to America

If we really want to fight terrorism we must fight the fear it has instilled in us, not the innocent people suffering from it


So long as Trump follows through on his foreign policy vision, America is in good shape

Rebuilding relationship with Russia, tearing down ISIS, protecting military crucial in coming months


Letter to the editor: The Syrian conflict is not here for your entertainment

Sharing tragic photos but refusing to educate yourself does Aleppo a disservice


Trump’s lack of foreign policy knowledge is potentially deadly

Anyone so utterly misinformed on international politics shouldn't have power to start wars

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