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The case for Warren’s student loan debt cancellation plan

Plan addresses racial, wealth disparities, making it particularly relevant, beneficial to Wisconsin


There’s no need for a state-run student loan refinance program

Loan refinancing is already offered by private sector, state government is not well-equipped to manage student loans


Natural Light’s unnatural solution to the student debt crisis

Natural Light, other private companies generously aid with student loan repayment — but is that a solution for this problem?

City of Madison

Companies are attempting to recruit millennials by offering student loan repayment assistance

Madison-area company Esker announced their new employee benefit this month


Rollback of restrictions on for-profit colleges exploits vulnerable student populations

If guidelines are repealed, corrupt institutions gain an opportunity to further profit instead of students


Student loans are not meant for cryptocurrency investments

Recent studies suggest more students are investing in cryptocurrency with loan funds, a dangerous and unstable cycle


Point Counterpoint: Lasting solutions and student liberty, why conservative student debt measures make most sense

Conservative strategies to reduce student debt must be embraced, as past strategies have only accentuated problem


Point Counterpoint: Halt the trend of default, why student loan regulations must change

Democrats have introduced good sense measures for addressing student debt crisis, it's time our state embraced them

UW-Madison Campus

Lawmakers work to prevent expiration of federal student loan program

Perkins Loan Program provides undergraduates with financial aid, is set to expire September 30


New York stands as beacon of hope for debt-ridden college students nationwide

Low-cost or even free college would greatly increase accessibility of higher education for students of lower socio-economic status

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