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UW-Madison Campus

SSFC votes to pay ASM secretary, hears proposed budget for SACGB

Paid secretary role will increase accessibility of ASM positions for potential members, committee says

UW-Madison Campus

ASM discusses backlash from Matt Walsh event, UHS campaign

ASM votes in favor of a Color of Drinking Survey Taskforce

UW-Madison Campus

ASM student council confirms new nominees, discusses Public History Project

ASM votes to renew Public History Project contract

SSFC deliberates issues
UW-Madison Campus

SSFC holds first meeting of 29th session

Student Services Finance Committee sets expectations for upcoming semester

UW-Madison Campus

The Right Balance: UW students struggle to find adequate pay and job flexibility on campus

With some pay increases on the horizon, student employees voice continuing concerns about persistent understaffing, low-pay and working conditions on campus

City of Madison

After recent attacks on Asian students, UW students continue to demand more from administration

'We know more needs to be done to end this violence and allow people opportunities to heal,' administrator says

UW-Madison Campus

ASM releases preliminary election results

Voters also passed referendum raising minimum wage for student workers to $15/hr

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC introduces plurality vote to address budget disagreement with ASM

SSFC discusses bylaw amendment, position changes, will select members to address budget disagreement with ASM

UW-Madison Campus

ASM discusses ways to honor lives lost in Ukraine-Russia war

ASM will host a vigil, suggests financial and emotional support for all those impacted

UW-Madison Campus

PAVE floats collaboration with ASM, SSFC to add full-time positions in survivor services

'We are working for a world where PAVE is not needed, not where we are looking for answers to these problems,' PAVE chair says