State of Wisconsin

In a Republican-controlled state Legislature, black legislators struggle to achieve equal representation

Legislators say white representatives make major decisions without understanding how they affect inner city populations


Feingold hypocritical in campaign finance attacks

Sen. Johnson isn't the only one receiving big money from PACs

State of Wisconsin

Gov. Scott Walker spends birthday promoting Republican values to UW students

Walker encourages voting in tight Senate election


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While Feingold pushes broken agenda, Johnson advocates lasting change


Calling out Feingold’s ‘phoniness’ might just be what Johnson’s campaign needs

Most humanizing, empassioned speech the senator has used

State of Wisconsin

Johnson, Feingold address higher education in final Senate debate

College affordability, national security among hot topics


Point Counterpoint: Easier is not always better, vote for Sen. Johnson come Election Day

Millenials will make difference in this election so elect person with actions to back up words


The insanity surrounding climate change in this election

Despite overwhelming consensus Trump, Johnson ignore global warming

State of Wisconsin

Senate candidate Feingold highlights college affordability during UW move-in

Feingold also calls for community change following unrest in Milwaukee