City of Madison

Mayor waives nearly $5,000 bill for youth climate protesters

Costs to cover police presence, permitting process around event organizing remain "undefined," deputy mayor said

City of Madison

Finance Committee rejects adding new officers to MPD

Committee approved funding for police auditor position

City of Madison

Budget cuts for Madison agencies allocate money for youth outreach

City staff, council work together to 'best meet the needs of our residents,' mayor said

City of Madison

Madison stakeholders come together to address homelessness on State Street, downtown area

Police, shelters, stakeholders work together to come up with solutions

City of Madison

Mayor announces new project to implement bus rapid transit system in Madison

MetroForward estimated to decrease travel times, make transportation more accessible for everyone

City of Madison

Mayor disappointed with U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard

"The public deserves better information," Rhodes-Conway said

City of Madison

Capital Budget & Improvement Plan seeks to expand public transportation

Budget incorporates 'six elements of a great city'


Editorial Board: Fall 2019 stories to watch

From free speech, to police practices, to juuling, let the Badger Herald Editorial Board be your guide

City of Madison

Mayor announces increased policing efforts to increase quality of life on State Street

Alderman states concerns, says students 'aren't safe after dark'


When it comes to violence against youth, there is heroism in hesitation

Following MPD's violent treatment of distressed teen, department must revisit best practices, regardless of incident's legality