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State of Wisconsin

New survey shows Madison schools rank highly in Wisconsin

Amid positive ranking results, representatives shed light on disparity among schools with high minority enrollment

State of Wisconsin

Gov. Evers announces special session on abortion referendum ahead of November election

Amendment to Wisconsin constitution required for referendum unlikely to pass, UW expert said

City of Madison

Proposed location for men’s shelter causes controversy

District 17 alder says city has 'out of sight, out of mind' mentality

City of Madison

Political billboards pop up across Madison from anonymous dark money group

No leadership, office location or partisan motivation discernible for group funding local political ads

City of Madison

Dane County, City of Madison announce new permanent location for men’s homeless shelter

'This is so important to our community because it gives these men an opportunity to keep themselves safe and continue to work on next steps in their life,' Community Development Grants Supervisor says

City of Madison

COVID-19 elevates Madison’s homelessness problem, upcoming winter “a perfect storm”

Madison using temporary permitted establishments to house homeless population, encampments remain unchecked, unenforced

Capitol, Madison, State Capitol, Carroll St,
State of Wisconsin

Fall primary outcome results in increased representation of minorities

"Those in power have not been an accurate reflection of those they represent," state rep. said, emphasized importance of diversity

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