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From redlining to gentrification: A history of Wisconsin’s urban neighborhoods

How past legislative, societal practices affect current racial, class attitudes in Madison, Milwaukee


Despite efforts, UW needs to provide more apartment-style living for upperclassmen

Move to open Eagle Heights to undergraduate students positive step, but not sufficient

City of Madison

Experts say gentrification in Madison area due to rapid increase in millennial population

Long-time Madison residents forced to leave city due to high cost of living


Editorial Board: Fall 2019 stories to watch

From free speech, to police practices, to juuling, let the Badger Herald Editorial Board be your guide


When campus housing costs more than in-state tuition, it’s time to reevaluate

As cost of UW housing continually increases, administration must reassess priorities, aid students with accessibility


Sweeping changes to Wisconsin tenant-landlord laws unfairly exploit underprivileged populations

Poorly masked as effort to lower costs for both tenants and landlords, new code only puts more money into landlords' pockets


Don’t fall into trap of ‘before it’s too late’ campaigns

Roommate compatability, standard of living both important to consider when signing leases


Big management companies keep rent high

Housing for a five bedroom at UW is commonly $3200, in Minnesota it can be $1000 less

Big Bads

Big bads: Sorry, but ‘Rent’ is crazy pretentious

Musical turned film has unintentionally awful characters with pretentious vibe

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