UW-Madison Campus

After examining history of intolerance, UW grapples with creating more inclusive future

Administration, students work to redress university's oppressive, racist past in light of study group report


Spaces named after KKK affiliates must be reclaimed, renamed for students of color

Simply concealing KKK affiliates' names protects exclusion of marginalized students

UW-Madison Campus

Mathematician Cathy O’Neil discusses big data algorithms as ‘weapons of math destruction’

Speakers argues algorithms can have racist implications

UW-Madison Campus

UW history professor says race isn’t going away any time soon

Conversations surrounding race have been hushed for years, a UW professor looks to change that

UW-Madison Campus

Killer Mike looks to ‘kill’ systemic racism through education, communication

Education, communication among ways to fix broken government systems, inadequate policing

Letter to the Editor

Stop calling me ‘the whitest black guy you know’

Do not equate intelligence or success with the color of ones skin

City of Madison

Dane County Equity official outlines importance of data in reducing racial disparities

Increasing capabilities of Madison's analytics system may allow for better understanding of racial disparities


Why I’ve never felt like an American citizen

Even with President Trump in office, the future for people of color is bright in America

UW-Madison Campus

University acknowledges spike in bias incident reports, urges students to show respect

One report described an incident escalating to a physical attack

City of Madison

Madison area high school freshman wants to pair struggling peers with mentors

The mentorship program will begin in January