City of Madison

Madison receives $6.4 million to renovate Metro Transit facility, part of infrastructure bill

Money from the grant will go to renovating Metro's East Washinton Ave. facility


Letter to the Editor: Gov. Evers must invest in environmentally friendly means of transportation

With nation wrought in environmental disasters, Wisconsin should establish efficient means of public transportation to fight against climate change


Rhodes-Conway rapidly pursues solutions to transportation inaccessibility

In pursuit of expanding public transportation, Rhodes-Conway's development of Bus Rapid Transit plan is progressive, productive


Editorial Board: Fall 2019 stories to watch

From free speech, to police practices, to juuling, let the Badger Herald Editorial Board be your guide


Freshman survival guide: Tips for incoming Badgers

Your first year at UW can be overwhelming — following this advice might make the transition more manageable

City of Madison

Bus Rapid Transit seeks to advance inclusivity in Madison public transportation

BRT has potential to make public transportation far more accessible for people with disabilities, those living in underserved neighborhoods


Right of Way: Inaccessible public transportation limits employment, affordable housing options for Madison’s outskirts

Bus rapid transit looks to provide a solution to inequity and pollution but city officials are met with severe lack of public, government funding


Soglin’s public transportation reform proposal excellent use of city funds

By improving the current public transportation system, Madison becomes both environmentally conscious, conscious of underprivileged population

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