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Experts say vaccines central to public health, while fallacies must be dispelled

UW panel encouraged physicians, scientists, journalists to promote public health

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New report predicts warmer temperatures, extreme precipitation in Great Lakes area

Changes in climate will bring more flooding, heat waves to midwest, affect public health

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Save the lives of those who save ours

A suicide crisis is claiming the lives of our physicians, prompting the need for institutional reform


It’s time for personal conviction vaccination exemptions to go

Mandatory vaccination for those medically able is a strong safeguard for public health

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Wisconsin Partnership Program awards grants to Madison companies for initiatives in public health diversity

Grants to improve well being of people of color through community initiatives, trainings

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Rutgers professor discusses racial tensions, disparities in public health policy

Marginalization in hospitals have left African Americans with worse health outcomes than white people, professor says

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Children of diverse backgrounds to gain education, experience in STEM fields through UW program

Program looks to motivate young students to pursue medical professions through lessons, hands-on experiences

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Doctors highlight smoking, diet as factors in preventing dementia

5.3 million people currently suffer from Alzheimer’s in the U.S., rate could triple by 2050


Hey administration, have a beer: We may be the top party school, but we’re healthy as ever

Despite university response, being top party school has no correlation with student health