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City of Madison

Madison School District awarded $6 million grant to improve mental health resources

Madison Metropolitan School District works with UW faculty to expand resources

Science News

Political advertising’s role in elections: How messaging swings voters

While ineffective to most voters, political advertising can swing undecided voters, influence elections

Science News

The psychology of stereotypes: How they persist even after being disproven

Stereotypes are perpetuated through self-reinforcement, need active intervention to overcome bias

Science News

Visiting professor to return as permanent faculty this fall

Jerald discusses next steps of her research at Intersectionality and Marginalization Lab preps to move to Madison

Science News

Debunked: Do humans use only 10% of our brains?

Since brains consume one-fourth of body oxygen, it would be unreasonable to spend that much energy on 10% of one organ from an evolutionary perspective, experts say

UW-Madison Campus

Education Committee approves new degrees, extends application waivers

UW adds Master of Science in school psychology, Doctor of Philosophy in school psychology, BA, BS in information science

Science News

Winter is coming: The science behind seasonal depression

With daylight savings time approaching, here's experts' advice on how to navigate seasonal blues

Science News

The Lab Report: Harnessing power of color, design to understand the world around us

The Schloss Lab studies visual perception, the inferences people draw from visual features like color, shape, texture

State of Wisconsin

Many Wisconsin residents struggle mentally during social distancing, UW research shows

Total of 26,505 respondents from Wisconsin completed survey


New year doesn’t mean new you: On creating permanent, consistent habits

Implementing smaller incremental changes in your life is key to long-term success in changing your behavior for the better

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