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Tough-on-crime ads during Supreme Court election bear impacts of harmful legacy

Willie Horton style political ads perpetuate fear-mongering, produce negative effects for marginalized communities


Milwaukee census undercounts pose issues for representation

In disputing 2020 Census counts, City of Milwaukee seeks recounts for marginalized populations


Michels’ plan to end parole generalizes nuanced, complex issue

The Wisconsin race for governor highlights parole as major issue, potential to end parole across the state

Science News

Behind bars: UW researcher studies how incarceration affects individual, community health

UW researcher co-authors book on prison system's ties to mental health

City of Madison

Dane County Sheriff, DA propose $24 million increase for jail renovation budget

'I believe that what’s difficult is that this project has been incrementally increasing since it’s original projection, which is causing a lot of problems for taxpayers and those within the jail,' Alderperson says


Odyssey Beyond Bars’ success shows need to fund rehabilitative programs for incarcerated individuals

In light of winning distinguished award, UW's Odyssey Beyond Bars demonstrates how an educational program helped incarcerated students succeed

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Wisconsin’s slow prison vaccine rollout adds to historically poor treatment of prisoners

Dane County Jail only began vaccinating inmates April 5, facilities are unsafe in COVID-19 pandemic


Redefining purpose, redirecting progress in the criminal justice system

As Dane County takes steps to reduce jail population, divert youth offenders, efforts to implement positive change are clear


Battling mental health behind bars: Inmates deserve autonomy over their mental healthcare

Decision to allow prisons to involuntarily medicate inmates subverts prisoners' personal autonomy, liberty


A crucial lifeline, Wisconsin’s jails are overcharging for detainee phone calls

Overcharging for phone calls from jail disproportionately impacts low-income citizens, perpetuates inequality in criminal justice system